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U-Decipher Device for the Speech Imparied
***This is a conceptual video***
Gestures, few consider it is a point of situation where you need to act yourself to make a bridge for communicating with other person. But for some it is the only source of communication.

The name says it all: U Decipher (meaning Universal translator), the fact that no such hardware has been designed yet makes it unique!

Founder of DABENDUE, Chidvilas Putta an undergraduate from HITAM, TELANGANA pursuing Bachelors of Technology in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineering, researched on this device for a 6 months and eventually working on a solution for the speech impaired individuals.

Our aim is to see no person in the world speech impaired and struggling to speak, this is a step we ask you to take behalf of Indiegogo to make true ..

So we ask you to join this movement and help us to make the world a better place .

Right to speak and lets make it....
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