Flex­ible and Trans­parent Supercapacitor
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North­eastern Uni­ver­sity mechan­ical and indus­trial engi­neering pro­fessor Yung Joon Jung and his team have created a thin and flex­ible energy-​​storage system. The tech­nology is based on a nano­ma­te­rial devel­oped in Jung’s lab two years ago, which they call a nanocup. The first step to making a nanocup involves etching nanoscopic divots into an alu­minum film through oxi­dation. By tweaking the voltage and time of this process, researchers can tailor the size of the cups. The second step is to layer carbon atoms onto the alu­minum mold. In this demonstration, the research team uses the prototype supercapacitor to power a light.
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