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New Microscope Measures Nanomagnet Property Vital to Spintronics
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a microscope that can view and measure an important property of the nanomagnets that are central components of low-power, high-speed spintronic computer memory. Spintronics relies on electrons behaving like bar magnets, pointing in different directions to manipulate and store data, whereas conventional electronics rely on charge. The heterodyne magneto-optic microwave microscope, or H-MOMM, can measure collective dynamics of the electrons? spins in individual magnets as small as 100nm in diameter. This animation shows spin waves excited by a transient magnetic field pulse in a nanomagnet, as simulated with NIST micromagnetics software. The new instrument has already demonstrated its utility with initial results that suggest how to limit power consumption in future computer memories.
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