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Detecting Plastic Landmines

Detailed Description: We are finalists for a grant through the National Geographic Chasing Genius Challenge. In order to win the $25,000 grant we need to get the most votes. A fellow undergraduate and myself at Binghamton University have been working on this project to accurately locate these deadly landmines which are mainly found in Afghanistan. These mines injure and kill soldiers, civilians, and CHILDREN. We use thermal sensing on a quadcopter to find them. Our preliminary results have been promising, but we can do some much more with more funding.

With the $25,000 we will:
-Purchase a high resolution thermal Camera ($10,000)
-A more accurate GPS ($5000)
-A larger drone with longer flight capability ($5000)
-Travel to allow us to do trials more realistic environments ($5000)

All of this will let us make our method better!! Our end goal is to create a supervised machine learning algorithm. In order for this to work we have to collect as much data as possible in as many different environments as possible.
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