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Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage
MAFiA™ does more than just cleaning the 99.4% dust.

1. Increases low end power by 15-20%
- Good throttle response. i.e Faster acceleration at low RPM.

2. Reduces carbon emissions up to 40%
- Not only good for the environment, it keeps the engine clean
and healthy.
- Ask your mechanic why an engine should not have
carbon deposition.

3. Increase Mileage
- Who doesn't wanna go the extra mile? with MAFiA on board,
you can travel 40% more.

Use of MAFiA for 3 months/ 4500kms, cleans the engine and exhaust system and shows even better throttle response and gain on mileage.

Royal Enfield motorcyclists can buy the MAFiA through Facebook.

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