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Untethered Soft Robot Can Stand Up and Walk Through Flames
Researchers from Harvard"s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have developed the first untethered soft robot - a quadruped that can stand up and walk away. The team was able to scale up earlier soft-robot designs, enabling a single robot to carry on its back all the equipment it needs to operate "?? micro-compressors, control systems, and batteries. It can carry up to seven and a half pounds. Giving the robot the strength needed to carry mechanical components meant air pressures as high as 16 pounds per square inch, more than double the seven psi used by many earlier robot designs. The robot is made out of a "??composite"?%9D silicone rubber made from stiff rubber impregnated with hollow glass microspheres to reduce the robot"s weight. The robot"s bottom was made from Kevlar fabric to ensure it was tough and lightweight. The soft robot has emerged unscathed from experiments in snow, water, walking through flames, and being run over by a car.
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