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Testing Astronaut-Controlled Surface Robots from the International Space Station
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are currently developing robots that can be remotely operated on planetary surfaces by astronauts in orbiting spacecraft. The primary objective of this work is to test and demonstrate crew-controlled communications, operations, and telerobotic technologies that are needed for future deep space human exploration missions. Specifically, NASA's "Human Exploration Telerobotics" (HET) project and ESA's "Multi-Purpose End-To-End Robotic Operations Network" (METERON) project are complementary initiatives that aim to validate these technologies through a range of ground and flight experiments with humans and robots in the loop. The new telerobotics technology could be applied in a wide range of applications back on Earth - from control of ships to remote management/supervision of industrial robots.

In this on-demand Webinar, Terry Fong of NASA Ames Research Center and Philippe Schoonejans of ESA summarize the tests that have been done to date, describe the tests that are being prepared for flight, and discuss future directions for their work. Watch the free Webinar here.
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