Student-Designed Supermileage Vehicle Gets 1,300 Miles Per Gallon
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A group of seven Brigham Young University engineering students have built a lightweight, aerodynamic vehicle to compete at the SAE Supermileage Competition. The annual event, which is being held June 6-7 in Marshal, MI, determines which university has created the most fuel-efficient vehicle in North America. The BYU students' vehicle is 99 lbs - just big enough to fit one person - and can get can get more than 1,300 miles per gallon of fuel. Because it is a high-mileage vehicle, it only goes up to 25 mph. During the competition, each team is given about 20 grams of fuel to race around a ten-mile track. Each car has to average 15 mph during the run, and afterwards the fuel tank is re-measured to see how much fuel was used.
aerojim | commented on August 22, 2013
How does this compare to the vehicle Cal Poly got a little over 1900 mpg with in the 2007 Shell Eco-marathon (­­=335OYo6V7rw)? I believe there were different limits on engines that could be used to keep costs below those like the Yamaha 250 based engine (heavily modified) in the Automotive X-Prize competition won by the Edison2 (see http://www.edis­­64 of a photo of it)
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