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Squink: Personal Prototyping of Electronic Circuits
A technically diverse group of engineers, with backgrounds from IBM to DARPA competitions, formed together last year to work on the proof of concept of Squink, a personal electronic circuit factory, during a prototyping competition at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. The final prototype used a syringe to lay down conductive ink and needed a lot of programing for every circuit made, but it worked. Now, with an improved design and the goal of democratizing electronics, the team is on Kickstarter looking for feedback and funding. Squink can sit on a user"s desk, and prints and assembles circuits in a matter of minutes on flexible or rigid substrates. It can be accessed through USB, Ethernet cable, or Wifi. As of now there are three or four steps - conductive ink is applied onto a substrate, creating "??silverboards"?%9D; conductive glue dots are applied where the pins of the components will be placed; components are picked up from a tray, aligned, rotated, and placed onto the glue dots; and optionally, the circuit is heat-cured on the heated for 15 minutes.
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