‪Software ‬A‪ims to ‬Circumvent‪ ‬I‪nternet ‬C‪ensorship‬
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Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed new software called Telex that is an approach to circumventing Internet censorship. More and more countries are practicing internship censorship, and with increasingly sophisticated tools. The Telex concept is to place anticensorship technology into the Internet's core network infrastructure through cooperation from large Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who would deploy Telex stations on paths between censors' networks and popular, uncensored Internet destinations. The software leverages censors' unwillingness to completely block day-to-day Internet access, and secretly converts innocuous, unblocked websites into proxies. Telex is easy to distribute and difficult to detect and block.
cgass | commented on June 17, 2013
The author is a bit glib in the "all or nothing" comment. Does he really think Chinese officials are afraid to exercise their power? The speaker approaches the issue as if he believes every country is a Western-style democracy in which every voice can be heard. He's in error. The Chinese government, taking its typical long view on everything, will slam the door and wait for the noise to die down, which it will eventually. 5,000 years of experience, folks. They know their audience way better than he does.
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