Snow Combined Road Cycle
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In this project a special attachment is provided on the bicycle to ride in snow and on the road. Hence, the cycle is attached with two separate assemblies in front and back that can be rotated about 180°, depending upon the usage i.e. to ride on the road or in snow. The front assembly consists of a skate board and the rear assembly consists of a belt drive with projections to provide necessary traction. This belt drive is driven by sprockets of 1:1 ratio from the rear wheel to rear attachment. For future enhancements, gear arrangement can be used for increasing the speed of the vehicle.
moots13181 | commented on September 16, 2014
What problem does this solve that isn't already solved by current fat tire bikes and products on the market like the Ktrak? Fat tire bike with Electric assist -­­=Q3713BoJXCM Would be very good at riding in snow and ice with studded tires and range would be better than the combined cycle see above.
moots13181 | commented on September 16, 2014
http://www.ktra­­m Not really a new idea at all. The Ktrak uses the quick release hubs of higher end bikes to switch between snow and road. If you know you'll be riding on the road you'd leave a fat studded tire on the front instead of a ski. This enables your bike to be as light as possible and therefore extend your range in the conditions you expect to encounter. The only time the concept as described above would be better would be for a multi-day excursion with no return to a home base of sorts to swap your gear as needed. Even then... again, just used the tracked rear wheel and a wide, low pressure studded front tire. You could pull a trailer for all your gear with strap on skis for the fluffy stuff. Such a solution is not likely to win out over skiing/hiking for ultra long trips though.
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