Smart Headlights
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Drivers can struggle to see when driving at night in a rainstorm or snowstorm. But a smart headlight system invented by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute can improve visibility by constantly redirecting light to shine between particles of precipitation. The system, demonstrated in laboratory tests, prevents the distracting and sometimes dangerous glare that occurs when headlight beams are reflected by precipitation back toward the driver. The system uses a camera to track the motion of raindrops and snowflakes and then applies a computer algorithm to predict where those particles will be just a few milliseconds later. The light projection system then adjusts to deactivate light beams that would otherwise illuminate the particles in their predicted positions.
seajae | commented on October 14, 2012
Let's create a standard for vehicle headlights. I do a lot of night driving and daytime too, the light intensity and color of headlights these days are way out of control. It's impossible to see the road or other traffic when you are blinded by todays headlights, traffic signals,emergen­cy vehicles and billboards. Also with all the utility lighting on roads lets eliminate high beams because the monkeys swinging in the trees are doing just fine. Thanks much,
EVprofessor | commented on September 20, 2012
I did the equivalent of this in 1971, but I am far more low tech, put polarizing grating in front of lights, wear Polarized headlights and vertically polarized light reflected from droplets, polarized sunglasses blocks reflections from non metalic objects. works in fog to!
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