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Single-Pixel Optical System Uses Compressive Sensing to See Deeper Inside Tissue
Optical imaging methods are rapidly becoming essential medical tools because they"??re noninvasive, fast, and cost-efficient. Though with today"s technology, even passing through a fraction of an inch of skin is enough to scatter the light and scramble the image. A team of researchers from Spain"s Jaume I University (UJI) and the University of València has developed a single-pixel optical system based on compressive sensing that can overcome the fundamental limitations imposed by this scattering. The team used an off-the-shelf digital micromirror array from a video projector to create a set of microstructured light patterns that are sequentially superimposed onto a sample. They then measure the transmitted energy with a photodetector that can sense the presence or absence of light, but has no spatial resolution. Then they apply a signal processing technique called compressive sensing, which is used to compress large data files as they are measured.
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