Self-Powered Smart Window is Also a Self-Rechargeable, Transparent Battery
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Electrochromic smart windows are valuable for green buildings, but conventional devices need external biases to operate - causing additional energy consumption. Now, in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University report a self-powered electrochromic window, which can also be used as a self-rechargeable battery. They used aluminium to reduce ​Prussian blue (​PB, blue in color) to Prussian white (PW, colorless) in ​potassium chloride electrolyte - producing a device capable of self-bleaching. The device can be self-recovered (gaining blue appearance again) by simply disconnecting the ​aluminium and ​PB electrodes, which is due to the spontaneous oxidation of PW to ​PB by the dissolved ​oxygen in aqueous solution. The self-operated bleaching and coloration suggest the self-rechargeable transparent battery function of the device. This video demonstrates the self-bleaching (discharging) of the self-powered electrochromic device by connecting the PB electrode and aluminium electrode.
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