Researchers Create Paintable Battery
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Researchers at Rice University have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be painted on virtually any surface. The rechargeable battery created in the lab of Rice materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan consists of spray-painted layers, each representing the components in a traditional battery. In an experiment, nine bathroom tile-based batteries were connected in parallel. One was topped with a solar cell that converted power from a white laboratory light. When fully charged by both the solar panel and house current, the batteries alone powered a set of light-emitting diodes that spelled out ?RICE? for six hours; the batteries provided a steady 2.4 volts. The researchers reported that the hand-painted batteries were remarkably consistent in their capacities, within plus or minus 10 percent of the target. They were also put through 60 charge-discharge cycles with only a very small drop in capacity. In this video, graduate student Neelam Singh describes the team's process.
dbarus | commented on August 20, 2012
Can you identify the particular chemistry you are using and any related charge rate and discharge rate limitations that may apply to this interesting battery science development. It is intuitive! Also wondering about applicable electrolyte. Excellent.
DGawarecki | commented on June 29, 2012
Could you provide more details on comparison of paintable battery's performance vs. currently available batteries?
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