New Technology Uses Plasma to Purify Water
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John Foster, an associate professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences at the University of Michigan, is working on a method to purify water with the fourth state of matter - plasma. Foster hopes his new technology, which produces reactive radicals that can attack organic contaminants such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals, will help solve a problem not currently being addressed in conventional treatment methods that rely on filtration and chlorine. Originally envisioned as a point-of-use system for underdeveloped countries, this new technology could be scaled up to a larger mechanism that would be implemented as a stage in the conventional treatment process.
rwp728 | commented on August 13, 2013
Doesn't this use the same principle as the familiar Ozone purification process? Just wondering what the advantages are here.
lp115lp | commented on August 9, 2013
Couldn't we fabricate arrays of electrodes (using semiconductor microstructure chip fabs), much like the dipoles in phased-array radars, to generate the plasma in running water? Wouldn't such electrodes generating plasma in water (and UV light), when exposed over a TiO2 surface (immersed in the water), create significantly higher levels of radicals in-situ than just plasma without TiO2?
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