Optical ‘Dog's Nose' for Fast, Onsite Breath Analysis for Disease
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University of Adelaide researchers are developing a laser system for fast, non-invasive, onsite breath analysis for disease, potentially enabling screening for a range of diseases including diabetes, infections, and various cancers in the future. The researchers have developed an instrument they equate to an â??optical dogâ??s noseâ?%9D which uses a special laser to measure the molecular content of a sample of gas. The system uses a specialized laser â?? an optical frequency comb - that sends up to a million different light frequencies through the sample in parallel. Each molecule absorbs light at different optical frequencies and therefore has a unique molecular fingerprint.
RR13 | commented on July 27, 2015
I have been telling people for years I was going to build a dogs nose. I was on a jury once and learned from the head of the canine unit how the different dogs are used to follow. One was to find the recent smell and one was to find the familiar smell. I figured with todays wonderful filters we could surpass the dogs ability with a robotic nose. Your light approach is interesting and I am wondering if you thought of using it for tracking also? Rich
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