Non-Contact “VibroTracker” System Measures Vibration of Fast-Moving Object in Real Time
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In addition to video and audio, the ability to relive the sensations experienced by others - in, for instance, sporting events - could offer added entertainment value. However, existing systems have some problems in measuring vibrations. A contact-type vibrometer deforms the original vibrations and can be a burden to wear or carry. Even with a non-contact sensor like a microphone, it is difficult to measure slight vibrations of a fast-moving target against the surrounding noise. Researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory have developed the VibroTracker system, which uses a laser Doppler vibrometer and a high-speed optical gaze controller. The system can measure the vibration of a fast-moving target with high accuracy, in real time, without any influence from surrounding noise or physical contact, enabling users to relive the vibrotactile sensations experienced by others.
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