New Tissue-Building Device Could Someday Make Replacement Human Organs
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A new instrument could someday build replacement human organs the way electronics are assembled today - with precise picking and placing of parts. In this case, the parts are not resistors and capacitors, but 3D microtissues containing thousands to millions of living cells that need a constant stream of fluid to bring them nutrients and to remove waste. The new device, developed by a team of researchers led by Jeffrey Morgan, a Brown University bioengineer, and Dr. Andrew Blakely, a surgery fellow at Rhode Island Hospital, is called "??BioP3"?%9D for pick, place, and perfuse. Morgan says that because it allows assembly of larger structures from small living microtissue components, future versions of BioP3 may finally make possible the manufacture of whole organs such as livers, pancreases, or kidneys.
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