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New Class Of High L/D Multi-Rotor VTOL Aircraft
Practical manned Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft have yet to develop from multi-rotor technology. Although small-scale multirotor vehicles are now common, they do not scale well to viable manned systems and lack endurance for hover and cruise. Current multi-rotor vehicles generally use direct-drive differential rotor stabilization. They "??cruise"?%9D by negatively pitching the entire vehicle, unlike a helicopter which pitches just the rotor head for forward thrust. A new class of vehicles (Type A) has been developed which utilize multi-rotors, but cruise on wings. A separate proprietary winged Type B uses multi-rotors, a high L/D gyroscopic wing-disk and outboard fans for forward thrust but without negative pitch. Within Type A class, two vehicles have been developed, a multi-rotor with wings which counters negative pitch to cruise and another with fixed wings which trim in cruise flight. The key aspect of the innovation is that this vehicle class has high L/D (8-15) AND it utilizes a Heinen-VTOL high thrust to weight and power rotor system (8-12 lbf/lb and 14-18 lbf/hp ). For comparison, General Aviation propeller aircraft barely achieve 6-7 lbf/hp, static.
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