Navy’s Autonomous Swarmboats Can Prevent Attacks & Overwhelm Adversaries
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A first-of-its-kind technology under development by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) will allow any unmanned surface vehicle (USV) to protect Navy ships and autonomously "??swarm"?%9D offensively on hostile vessels. The technology is called CARACaS (Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing) and it can be put into a transportable kit and installed on almost any boat. It allows boats to operate autonomously, without a Sailor physically needing to be at the controls - including operating in sync with other unmanned vessels; choosing their own routes; swarming to stop enemy vessels; and protecting naval assets.
Ex-Squidlet | commented on December 16, 2014
Awesome! Oh, those Somali pirates will be sooo surprised!
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