Laser Communications
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Laser light made records obsolete, and NASA is on the verge of doing the same thing with space-based communications. Before the end of the decade, the Laser Communication Relay Demonstration (LCRD) mission will revolutionize the way we move tons of data from orbit to ground and all around the solar system.
dgrinch | commented on October 19, 2012
Air-to-air Laser Comm Please see ==> http://www.wpaf­­ory.asp?id=12320­3630
DaveTX | commented on October 12, 2012
This is new? I have my dad's McDonnell-Douglas Lasercom Space Laser Communications System coffee cup on the desk next to my computer. The DoD spent lots of money developing and then not using the Lasercom system in the 1980s. They wanted a secure communication system using ground units and satellite relays. Sure technology has marched forward in the past quarter century but the idea is not new.
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