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NASA’s RoboGlove Brings Power to Health Care and Manufacturing Industries on Earth
The RoboGlove, developed by NASA and GM for use on the International Space Station, is finding new life on Earth in health care, manufacturing, and other industrial applications though a licensing agreement between GM and Bioservo Technologies AB, a Swedish medical technology company. The battery-powered wearable was developed during a nine-year collaboration that included the launch of the humanoid robot called Robonaut 2 (R2) into space in 2011. The RoboGlove uses leading-edge sensors, actuators, and tendons that are comparable to the nerves, muscles, and tendons in a human hand. Bioservo will combine technology from its SEM Glove (Soft Extra Muscle) technology with the RoboGlove. The company will initially develop a new grasp assist device for industrial use that could increase human operator efficiency while reducing fatigue in hand muscles. Research shows fatigue can occur within a few minutes of continuously gripping a tool.
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