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Low-Cost Hazardous Gas Detector Using Novel Chip-Scale Chemical Sensor Technology
N5 Sensors, Inc (Rockville, MD) is a University of Maryland spin-off commercializing a disruptive chip-scale gas sensor technology for industrial, environmental, and safety monitoring. N5"s microsensor arrays on a single chip could replace multiple conventional macro scale gas sensors used in portable multi-gas detector. The sensor is the Aerospace & Defense Category Winner of the 2015 "Create the Future" Design Contest. These new sensors are small, accurate, low-power and capable of detecting multiple gases at the same time. Using the patent-pending sensing architecture, N5 is working to develop low-cost, ultra-compact multi-gas detectors which can be interfaced with mobile devices, allowing industrial workers, first-responders, and soldiers to assess the dangers of their surroundings rapidly and accurately in real-time using their smart phones or other mobile devices.
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