Boston Dynamics' Legged & Wheeled “Handle” Robot Leaps Over Obstacles
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Boston Dynamics’ wheeled “Handle” robot can operate in tough environments - in the snow and over uneven terrain. The 6.5-foot-tall robot moves at 9 mph on wheels and can manage four-foot vertical jumps. Wheels work efficiently on flat surfaces while legs can go almost anywhere, so the robot can have the best of both worlds. Once charged up on electric power, Handle can travel about 15 miles. It’s equipped with both electric and hydraulic actuators. The research robot only has 10 actuated joints, which allows for a simpler design and easier production if the robot was ever to be produced at scale.
William K. | commented on March 3, 2017
I do wonder a bit about the amount of power carried. My guess is that one scene of keeping the front feet in position while moving , which shows a cable connected, is an earlier shot prior to additional power capabilities.
William K. | commented on March 3, 2017
Very impressive indeed. This time the entire video played perfectly. It would have been good to see the landing from that huge jump at the very end of the video. Or perhaps it was not as good as the others. The ability to handle steps quickly was very impressive indeed. The other impressive actions were the leaning prior to the turns, instead of just reacting to the need to balance. What the robot needs now is a more "horse like" head. Then it can be a truer "night-Mare."
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