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GiraffPlus: Smart Home Robotic System for Safer & Healthier Old Age
Researchers at Sweden"s Ã?rebro University are leading GiraffPlus, an international project with a focus on developing sophisticated aids for the elderly. The project"s goal is a safer and healthier old age, and it is testing new technology in real homes, such as the home of Nonna Lea in Rome. GiraffPlus develops technical solutions that make it possible to continuously monitor, through a network of sensors in the home, an elderly person"s health. The information from the sensors is analyzed by an intelligent system, designed to quickly alert the caregiver in emergencies, but it can also be used for long-term assessment of the patient"s health. At the heart of the system is a remote-controlled mobile robot, equipped with a display and loudspeaker, known as Giraff. With its help, caregivers can "??visit"?%9D the patient to discuss and plan care measures based on the information that has been registered by the system.
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