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'Flip-Flop Qubits' - Radical New Quantum Computing Design Invented
Building a quantum computer has been called the "??space race of the 21st century"?? - a difficult and ambitious challenge with the potential to deliver revolutionary tools for tackling otherwise impossible calculations. Engineers at Australia"s University of New South Wales have developed a completely new architecture for quantum computing, based on what they're calling 'flip-flop qubits."?? The breakthrough promises to make the eventual large-scale manufacture of quantum chips much cheaper and easier. The new chip design allows for a silicon quantum processor that can be scaled up without the precise placement of atoms required in other approaches. Importantly, it allows quantum bits (or "??qubits"??) "?? the basic unit of information in a quantum computer "?? to be placed hundreds of nanometers apart and still remain coupled. The design sidesteps a challenge that all spin-based silicon qubits were expected to face as teams begin building larger and larger arrays of qubits: the need to space them at a distance of only 10-20 nanometers, or just 50 atoms apart.
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