Flexible Scanning Fiber Endoscope for Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
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Eric Seibel, Ph.D., of the Human Photonics Lab at the University of Washington demonstrates his scanning fiber endoscope (SFE). The size of a piece of spaghetti, this flexible endoscope provides microscopic images of narrow, previously inaccessible spaces in the body. Imaging, diagnosis, therapy, and monitoring can be performed from the SFE with the goal of early detection and less-invasive treatment of cancers within the body. The SFE technology features high-resolution imaging within an ultra-thin size of less than 2 mm in diameter, and integrated optical diagnoses and laser therapies with full-color imaging.
u34rb | commented on September 17, 2013
Very interesting. So what exactly is at the end of the fiber optic? Is it open or sealed? Is there any sort of lens?
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