Five-Minute Charging for Electric Cars
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StoreDot, an Israeli startup, created technology that can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds and now the company says the technology can be applied to electric vehicles. The EV FlashBattery comprises thousands of cells assembled and packed in a single battery module. When fully charged, the EV FlashBattery stores enough energy for a car to travel 300 miles on a five-minute charge. Using a hybrid multifunction electrode (MFE), StoreDot’s FlashBattery combines two types of energy storage solutions, incorporating the high-power rapid-charging capability of an supercapacitor with the high-energy storage ability and low self-discharge rate of a Lithium-ion battery. This optimized charging ability is achieved through an innovative electrode structure containing proprietary organic polymers with legacy lithium metal oxide (LiMO) components on the cathode end that trigger redox reactions.
Yellow Jacket | commented on November 19, 2015
In order to have a 300 mile range, the on-board electric energy store must have a rating of approximately 100 kWh. Now 5 minutes is 5/60 = 0.0833 hrs, therefore the charging power must be 100/0.0833 = 1200 kW = 1.2 MegaW per charging bay. I doubt that the power company can supply this power to a charging station that would contain multiple bays. Is this development really just reporting that they have a battery that could accept energy at a rate of 1.2 MW, without regard as to whether there is a grid supply with such a rating. The real problem with fast charging an EV is the electric grid power limitation not the battery chemistry.
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