Device-Free RF Residential Monitoring System
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Radio tomographic imaging (RTI) can localize people by monitoring the changes in the radio frequency (RF) attenuation field of an area where a wireless network is deployed. The technology does not require people to carry any electronic device. This video shows an RTI system developed by a team of researchers from Finland's Aalto University and the University of Utah. The residential monitoring system is deployed in a typical single floor, one-bedroom apartment with the aim to localize the resident during daily activities. The video spans a ten minute period.
GW37C | commented on October 18, 2013
*NICE!! 2Funny!*! (I am a new gMa!)Great Work...WuldveBe­enCool to HAv a couple of the areas-designated! I was left wondering "whats over there?­mm..and then again.. hey~ I wonder??..~ whats over there??" ha..ha..ha..i&#­39;m just saying for my gMa-Response! Now my scientist response~ I been in detection-technology systems for 27yrs- Great Career++ ~ worked on 1st Colored-Glass-Cullet-Separator the Elke. An interesting optic-fiber design..which goes to intelligent lighting systems. But? The R&D of the RF Field used in conjunction with the other sciences proves to be most promising! Keep Up thGreat*Work! *IT-Muse4U!
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