Developing a New Safety System for the Rail Industry with Sharma & Associates
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Sharma & Associates (SA), a Chicago-based consulting firm that is focused on providing engineering solutions to the railroad industry, led the effort. Since 1995, SA have delivered safe, effective, and efficient solutions to its customers, which include the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the Association of American Railroads (AAR), railroads and transit agencies, rail car builders and rail car component manufacturers. The objective of the Altair ProductDesign team effort was to develop an Engineer Protection System (EPS) that can protect train crew in frontal collisions (a common mode of train collision) from secondary impact injuries.
William K. | commented on June 28, 2016
Airbags in locomotives seems like a rather poorly advised concept, intended only for the profit of the firm selling the products, which will only be purchased if they become mandated by laws. Presently seatbelts are available, and unlike the general public, use of the seatbelts can be employer mandated. So it does not seem reasonable that the benefits would approach the costs by any amount. Besides that, and totally unavoidable, the physics of a train crash are not like the animations show, primarily because of the very large mass tending to keep things moving. One final thought is that driving a train is a lot different from driving a car, because no steering is required and there is not much to do aside from watching the track.
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