Biologically Accurate Robotic Legs Walk
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Researchers from the University of Arizona have produced a robotic set of legs which they believe is the first to fully model walking in a biologically accurate manner. The neural architecture, musculoskeletal architecture, and sensory feedback pathways in humans have been simplified and built into the robot, giving it a remarkably human-like walking gait. The biological accuracy of this robot may help the researchers understand how spinal-cord-injury patients can recover the ability to walk.
capapadopoulos | commented on October 5, 2012
The motion is not fluid, also it gives a bit of a kick to finish straightening the knee... sort of like what is needed to hop. It is missing a key part of walking. When people walk there is a side to side oscillation of the head that works it's way through the spine, together with a counter motion of the arms.
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